santorini bridal hairdressing

Hairdressing tips for home

  • Refrain from washing your hair every day.

    If you have to wash them frequently, use a soft PH balanced shampoo and try not to rub your scalp too much.

  • You don't need to apply conditioner all the way through your hair.

    Only the part from the middle to the end of the hair needs it.

  • Use a diffuser when blow drying your hair.

    It will help you control the frizz without removing all the richness of the body.

  • santorini bridal hairdressing
  • If you just went through pregnancy, you might have noticed your hair thinning a bit after the birth.

    It is nothing to worry about and it's quite normal among new moms. You hair will eventually return to normal.

  • Dry hair are best treated with a moisturizing shampoo followed by a hot oil conditioner.

    When using a lot of products that contain silicon, remember to cleanse your hair on regular bases. However, once in a while keep your hair free of styling products, to give the a bit of rest.

  • Do not keep using only one specific shampoo, try changing from time to time, specially if you are using a moisturizer.

    It might be a good idea to try a PH balanced shampoo.

  • If you trim your hair regularly it will keep them healthy and help the growth of the hair steady.

    Diet can be important to the growth of the hair too. Food products that contain vitamin B12 and iron are essential for healthy hair.

  • santorini bridal hairdressing
  • If you end up with split ends there s no other way than cutting.

    To avoid that, keep your hair moist and use leave-in conditioners.

  • If you are visiting your hairdresser with a specific look in mind, it might be a good idea to take the page of where you saw it, with you.

    Remember that your hairdresser will give you a better input on whether this style is suitable for the shape of your face and your general look.

  • A clever haircut can easily hide thin hair.

    However, don't just rest under the shadow of your hair style. Thin hair need proper treatment and you best ask your hairdresser for advice on efficient ways of treating this problem.

  • Stop using a traditional towel when drying your hair, specially if you intend to keep the wrapped with one for a while, after the shower.

    This will only make our hair frizzy. Instead, you can squeeze with your hands and water left on your hair and let them rest on a paper towel, before moving to the blow dryer.

  • When you are about to style your hair, make sure that you have used any styling products, ten minutes earlier.

    This will give them time to be absorbed well and get the most out of them.